During Your Session

You can expect to have a great time during our session! I'm laid back and I want your session to be as stress free as possible. The best photos happen when everyone is relaxed and having fun. I encourage you to be yourself. We will do some posed photos, but feel free to play, laugh and have fun. 

I love to photograph little ones! It's common for parents to stress or worry when the child is acting like, well... a child. Don't worry! I'm a mom and it doesn't bother me a bit! I promise that the more relaxed you are, the happier they will be. I will do anything to get a smile out of them, not matter how silly!

At the end of your session I will spend a few minutes going over some of your print options. You will do all of your proofing and print ordering online, so I will show you some sample prints so you can get an idea about what you may want for your prints.  

After Your Session

After your session I will get right to work editing your photos. I try my best to not get behind on my work so that I can have a quick turnaround time for my clients. You can expect to proof your photos within a week of your session. 

When your photos are ready I will email you a link to an online gallery where you will be able to view all of your photos. You can choose your print package and choose your images right from your gallery. The lab that I use produces beautiful, high quality prints and canvases. You won't be disappointed! They have quick shipping times and you should have your prints in your hands within 7-10 business days after ordering. ***Your link will expire 2 weeks after I send you the link. Your print order must be placed before the link expires. If you allow the link to expire there is a $15 charge to upload your images again.***

Your photos will be shipped to me. I prefer to see the images and ensure that the quality is what I expect. As soon as I have seen them I will arrange a time to deliver them to you. If you choose to share your gallery link with family and friends so that they can order their own prints I will also deliver their photos to you. 

If you purchase digital images with your print package they will be available to you as soon as you let me know which photos you have chose. You will be able to download them right from the gallery to your computer or phone. 

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